IPA Salary Benchmark Report to open for 2024 submissions

A comprehensive review of salaries paid across the industry

In the next few days, key individuals across IPA membership will be invited to submit their agency’s data to be included in the 2024 IPA Salary Benchmark Report.

The report provides senior management teams in IPA member agencies with a comprehensive review of salaries paid across the industry for over 300 job titles as well as information about the range of benefits offered to employees.

The final report includes average salaries for the different job titles at different levels:

  • Executive Management
  • Head of Department
  • Business Director
  • Other Senior Staff
  • Managers
  • Junior/Executives
  • Trainees
  • Apprentices

For each role, the report includes:

  • No. of agencies with role
  • Number of individuals performing role
  • Average minimum salary
  • Average salary
  • Average maximum salary
  • Quartile 1 / Median / Quartile 3

Access to the final report is restricted to a small number of senior people in each agency to reflect the sensitivity of the data and this report is not available to non-IPA Members. The 2024 report will be published in Q2 2024.

For more information please contact Graeme Griffiths | Associate Director of Research, IPA

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Last updated 01 May 2024